Descriptions and dates for our 2016 classes are ready!
In addition to Illinois CCL and the NRA Courses, we offer on the "Range Live Fire"shooting courses.  There is a class to build the skills of all levels of shooter.  The "Introduction to Defensive Pistol Course" is great for the novice shooter that wants to develop a core proficiency with their firearm.  Our "Advanced Pistol" and "Advanced Tactical Pistol Courses" will appeal to those who want to maximize their preparation if that dynamic incident occurs.
New this year is a course that everyone who has or is planning to get the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit should plan to attend.  Our "Concealed Carry Skill Builder Course" goes well beyond the requirements for the Illinois Carry Permit and will teach skills and the mental mindset needed to be a responsible CCL permit carrier.  This class touches on some of the skills from our Advanced Pistol courses but is less intensive and requires fewer rounds to complete the course.  And for those of you who would like to develop skills in low light levels that require the use of a flashlight while using your firearm you will want to sign up for our "Low Light Strategies and Tactics" course.  This will only be offered one time this year so make plans to be with us in October!

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Firearms Training Classes in Champaign and vermillion Counties

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Crossine Defense, 2015 Best of St. Joseph Award for Training Consultants

At Crossline Defense, we are dedicated to providing gun training classes and CCW classes for individuals interested in personal defense in Champaign and Vermillion Counties. Whether you only want to learn the fundamentals or  want to develop the skills required to defend yourself and your family, we can prepare you.   Whether an NRA Course, Crossline Defense firearms training classes, Concealed Carry instruction or any of our  Defensive Shooting courses, we have a course designed to fit your specific skill level with the goal of  preparing our students to defend themselves at home or while carrying a firearm in public.

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